• Health starts from the feet,

    Step by step, the journey begins,

    Each stride a key to wellness.

  • Yuko O. Schleifer

    Gentle touch, deep relaxation, peaceful moment: I am a reflexologist dedicated to your well-being.

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    WA State and National Board Certified ReflexologistRF#60902364

    IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage)Certified

    Infant Massage Instructor 

  • Fatigue? Feel depressed? Pain ?

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    Why is refloxology one of the best options?

    The soles of the feet contain numerous nerve endings, which are involved in the functioning of the entire body. Stimulation of the soles can activate the nervous system, potentially influencing blood circulation and organ function. Feet are one of the farthest parts from the heart, and inadequate blood circulation can lead to health issue or pain. Improved blood circulation in the feet increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the entire body, potentially enhancing fatigue recovery and immune function. Therefore, reflexology is recognized to improve overall health and balance.


    Yuko's Reflexology  

    With gentle "thumb walk" and acupressure technique.

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    Applying strong pressure to tired or tense areas of the body can potentially strain it.

    When our minds are tired, we heal gently. The same applies to our bodies. While light pressure alone may feel insufficient, regular sessions with gentle pressure can support endurance and immunity.

    As a reflexologist, I prioritize a gentle approach, assisting in balancing your body and mind.

    Foot Reflexology/ 60min (foot bath included)

    Foot & Hand Reflexology/ 90min (foot bath included)


    Add your favorite scent to your session.

    The relationship between scent and relaxation is close, as specific scents have been known to directly influence the brain, promoting relaxation of the mind and body. Please let me know your preferred essensial oil and enjoy the session the fullest. (I may not be able to accommodate all preferences.)
  • Location & Price

    Yuko's Reflexology is available at Harmony Massage in Downtown Bothell.

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    Harmony Massage 

    10117 main street Bothell WA 98011

    425-806-5525/ Booking Online

    • Book online through Hamony Massage website or call them to schedule an appointment.
    • Prices and policies are based on those set by Harmony Massage.
    • Large public parking located right behind the facility. You may use the back door from the parking lot.
    • Sign up for the news letter from their website to receive promotional information!
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  • Contact

    Harmony Massage

    Phone: 425-806-5525/ Book online

    10117 Main Street Bothell, WA 98011


    Please call them to schedule an appointment or

    book online through Harmony Massage website.